How to buy photos

Creating an account:

It's not necessary to create an account in order to buy photos.  The advantage of creating an account is that your choices -- for example, favorites lists -- will still be there the next time you visit the site.  To buy photos without creating an account, add the photos to your  Shopping Cart and then click on "Continue as Guest" when you're asked to log in.

Buying photos individually:

Click on a photo, (which shows you a larger version of the photo) and then put your mouse on Buy in the upper right.  A menu will appear.  Click Select Product and you will see a list of products.  This includes T-shirts, mouse pads and so forth, (the list isn't sorted) but you will also see prints of various sizes, and an option for Digital Download.  Click on one of the products (the most common selection is '5" X 7" Small Print') and click Add to Cart.

Buying photos in groups:

The quick way to do this is to go to an album and click SELECT PHOTOS in the upper right.  Select the photos you want, click "buy selected", and then choose a product.  This works well if you want all the photos selected in the same form (IE, 5X7 print).

Alternately you can use SELECT PHOTOS to select multiple photos, and then click ADD TO FAVORITES.  Photos selected in this fashion will accumulate in your Favorites list, where you can decide what to do with them later.  To visit your Favorites list, mouse over the Favorites icon in the upper left corner and click on My Selection.

When you have a list of favorites you want to purchase, you must choose a product for each, (or select multiple photos and choose a product) and add it to your cart.  Then check out as normal.

Checking out:

When you're done with all of your selections, click on the Shopping Cart icon in the upper right corner.  From there, clicking on CHECKOUT NOW or Check out with PayPal will take you through the checkout process.

After you go through the buying process, a spreadsheet of the photos and products you selected is sent to me.  I will do final post-production on the photo(s), (usually in 24 hours) which may include changing the cropping slightly.  The native aspect ratio of my cameras is 8X12.  The most common requested prints are 5X7 and 8X10, either of which require that the photo be composed and cropped differently.  This will be done preserving the subject plus adequate "safe area" around the edges of the photo if at all possible.  If a photo can't be composed for the print size requested, I will contact you.  (This is theoretically possible but hasn't happened yet.)